Udea constricta (Crambidae)


Udea constricta caterpillar

Larva - yellow morph


Udea constricta larva

Larva - green morph

Udea constricta



This species and U. swezeyi are quite similar and difficult to distinguish as adults. They both feed on naupaka as larvae and apparently differ mainly in the larval feeding habit – U. constricta is a leaf roller (and at least the great majority of what I collected) and U. swezeyi appears to bore in the stem. I collected a few of these stem borers in 2001 from S. glabra but did not successfully rear them out, so I could not confirm their probable identity as U. swezeyi.


Host plants recorded from the Alaka`i Swamp:


Development time in the laboratory at 20°C:

  • Larva: 1 month
  • Pupa: 2-3 weeks


Larval parasitoids recorded from the Alaka`i Swamp: