Haliophyle euclidias (Noctuidae)



Haliophyle euclidias early instar larva

Early instar larva

Haliophyle euclidias caterpillar

Late instar larva








The larva feeds on most of the common ferns.


Haliophyle euclidias

Adult, lighter form

Haliophyle euclidias

Adult, darker form








Host plants recorded from the Alaka`i Swamp:

Elaphoglossum spp. includes E. aemulum (laukahi nunui) and E. crassifolium (ekaha), both of which occur in the swamp.


Development time in the laboratory at 20°C:

  • Larva: about 6 weeks
  • Pupa: 1 month

Larval time is a rough estimate as I didn’t rear out any of the smallest ones to adulthood.


Larval parasitoids recorded from the Alaka`i Swamp: